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Pediatric Concussion Data Repository


There are large gaps in the comprehensive understanding of concussions in children, making it more difficult for researchers and clinicians to develop effective treatment approaches. Currently, most studies related to concussions in children are limited in scope, demographics and size. To make real advances in this field, researchers and clinicians need access to deep and diverse data sets that include information on both normal, healthy kids and youth concussion patients across ages.


We developed the Pediatric Concussion Data Repository, which integrates clinical data and demographics from published concussion studies. The repository also includes data on non-head-injured youth to establish the statistical power necessary to investigate outcomes following pediatric concussion across the child and adolescent age spectrum.

Where We Are

With data on over 1,000 typically developing youth and almost 500 pediatric concussion cases ages 5-18, the repository is intended to deliver access to high-quality, multidomain clinical and demographic data for those seeking to investigate questions surrounding concussion and childhood development. It is free and available to individuals through a research proposal submission to The Sports Institute. The repository is a complementary tool to the Four Corners National Youth Concussion Registry Project (4CYC), which solely focuses on concussion cases.