The Sports Institute at UW Medicine works to expand participation and safety in sports. Members of our team hold leadership roles and support innovative ideas in medicine, technology, sports and the military. They volunteer their time, launch companies or provide counsel for the same fundamental reason they lead The Sports Institute: to make the sports people play today safer. These experiences bolster the Institute’s ability to bring world-class sports safety research directly to athletes.

We understand that this cross-sector approach leads to concerns about conflicts of interest. For transparency, we’ve shared a list of organizations with which Institute leaders work or have financial associations:

Dr. Samuel R. Browd is the Director of The Sports Institute. Dr. Browd also serves as an unaffiliated neurologic consultant to the National Football League and as an independent neurological consultant to the Seattle Seahawks. He is a co-founder and chief medical officer of Vicis, Navisonics, Aqueduct Neurosciences and Proprio Surgical. Dr. Browd is an advisor to MDmetrix. He is the medical director of the Seattle Children’s Sport Concussion Program and a member of the board of directors of the Brain Injury Alliance of Washington.

Dr. Stanley A. Herring is a co-founder and serves as Senior Medical Advisor of The Sports Institute. Dr. Herring also holds roles as a team physician for the Seattle Mariners and was formerly the team physician for the Seattle Seahawks.

Dr. Christine Mac Donald serves as Research Director of The Sports Institute. Dr. Mac Donald provides scientific review services for Study Sections from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the Department of Defense. She serves as a consultant to NeuroTrauma Sciences, LLC. Dr. Mac Donald’s work is currently funded by the NIH, through NINDS and NIA, and the Department of Defense.