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Invest in lifelong participation and safety in sports

We’re fostering a future where physical activity is part of our everyday lives. The Sports Institute builds healthier communities by inspiring people to get moving and making sports safer.

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In the US, 80%1 of adults and 76%2 of kids don’t get enough exercise.

We’re here to change that.

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Kids who are physically active show improved focus and learn faster3

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Kids who participate in team sports tend to have better self-esteem and social skills4

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Adults who are more physically active have a 22% reduced risk of depression5

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Physical activity can decrease the risk of many cancers, diabetes, and Alzheimer’s disease6


We do things differently

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We’re multi-disciplinary

We’re a dedicated team of pediatricians, neurosurgeons, behavioral scientists, sports medicine clinicians, researchers, business leaders, educators, computer scientists, and more.

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We’re technology champions

We leverage cutting-edge technologies and new innovations to solve tough problems.

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We’re evidence based

We develop and apply the highest standards of science and research to find solutions that meet the needs of our community.

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We’re solution oriented

We’re passionate about translating medical research into innovations and actionable programs.

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We’re current

We’re up to date, present, and responsive to the world around us so we can support the changing needs of communities.

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We’re big picture

We convene advocates to drive real, sweeping change in exercise, healthcare and sports.

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Our Work

makes an impact

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Washington high school athletes better protected after a suspected concussion

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6 laps

around the world—the distance Washington students run in a school year through The Daily Mile

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certified athletic trainers and professionals educated on cervical spine injury management

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50 states

enacted a law to protect student athletes

We help everyone get moving

Exercise Rx

An interactive web tool and innovative mobile app for healthcare providers and patients to find personalized exercise solutions.

Exercise Anywhere

Free videos and apps to help all ages and abilities exercise at home, in the office, on vacation or anywhere.

COVID-19 and Physical Activity

Meaningful solutions to help people stay active and safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Daily Mile™

A school-based program that encourages elementary-aged kids to run or jog every day.

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Woman running with children
Woman running with children

We work to make sports safer

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The GamePlan: Video education and guidelines that support on-field management of spine injuries.

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Aerial Training: A youth soccer program that teaches players how to head the ball safely.

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Sports Legislation Tracker: An online database that tracks and summarizes sports safety laws across the United States.

Three things you might not know about us

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Athletes are only elite performers in sports.

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We believe everyone has an inner athlete. When we say athlete, we're talking about you.

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We’re The Sports Institute, so we only work in organized sports.

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We work in sports, physical activity, medicine, and research. Through this intersection, we create a healthier society both on and off the field.

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We’re managed by UW Medicine, which directs our research and funding.

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We’re a proud member of the UW Medicine community, but we’re funded independently. When you donate to TSI, your support goes directly to helping us expand participation and safety in sports.

It’s a team effort

All of us at The Sports Institute are working toward the same goal—helping every person live a healthier life through physical activity and safer sports. Join us in creating a more active future for everyone.

Your support makes it happen.

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