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The Daily Mile USA


Children in the United States are less active than ever before.

On average, kids spend more than seven hours each day engaged in sedentary activities, depriving them of the health benefits of physical activity that contribute to normal development and peak health. Research has shown that moderate-to-vigorous physical activity can improve a child’s ability to learn, remember, pay attention, and reason. In the U.S., only a quarter of young children meet the U.S. government daily recommendation for one hour of moderate-to-vigorous activity and fewer than half have adequate heart and lung fitness.

At the same time, physical education budget cuts are on the rise in schools across America.


We’re partnering with The Daily Mile to launch The Daily Mile USA, a free, school-based program that encourages children to run or jog for fifteen minutes every day to improve their health, concentration and learning. The Daily Mile USA offers schools and their employees a program that’s easy to implement and use. The Daily Mile USA aims to improve the health and wellbeing of children, while identifying and understanding the connections between physical activity and improved academic, behavioral and health outcomes in students.

Together, we are building a community of educators and parents who prioritize physical activity in educational environments across America.

Our Next Move

We’re working with local stakeholders to pilot The Daily Mile USA in schools in Seattle and Houston. The pilot programs will include comprehensive research studies, wearable technology to track metrics and the creation of lesson plans and toolkits customized for the U.S. education system. Ultimately, we will utilize our research expertise to better understand the connections between physical activity and positive academic, behavioral and health outcomes.

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