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Movement, play and sports: What are the benefits?

Sports, movement and play yield abundant benefits and can enhance the physical, mental and social health of children, today and long into the future. Just about any kind of activity is beneficial, from brisk walking, cycling or pickup games to after-school training and team sports...

Concussion Key Facts

A concussion is an injury to the brain. Recognizing it is critical for a full recovery....

Concussion FAQs

Can blood scans or imaging scans diagnose a concussion or detect recovery? What is the chance a high school or college athlete will have a concussion? Do helmets prevent concussions?...

Are Concussions In Soccer Preventable?

The popularity of soccer has soared in recent decades, in part because parents perceive it to be safer than other sports. Yet it’s important to understand its risks...

Is Heading In Soccer Dangerous?

In boys’ and girls’ soccer, most concussions happen during collisions between two players—not between a player and a ball—often while the players wrangle for a header in the air...

Deciding Whether to Go Back to Sports

Deciding whether an athlete can safely return to sports—or whether sports risk too much harm—is the responsibility of a trained healthcare provider judging the individual circumstances of a particular young athlete...

Concussion Basics

Diagnosing a concussion is challenging. Learn the immediate symptoms and signs here ...

Beat the Summer Heat

In this compilation of stories, find out what science says about training in the summer...

Understanding Heat Stroke in 7 Steps

Athletes can develop life-threatening exertional heat stroke (EHS) for a variety of reasons. But there is virtually no reason for EHS to occur when coaches and conditioning personnel put their players’ safety first...

Training in the Heat Resources

The following resources provide in-depth information, tips and tools on the prevention, recognition and treatment of exertional heat illness ...

Myth: ‘Cocoon Therapy’ Helps a Concussion

Two recent guidelines from U.S. and international experts have introduced new but subtle recommendations that undercut a style of treatment for sports concussion known as “cocoon therapy” ...

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