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The Game Plan: Sideline Assessment for Suspected Concussion

You can’t always see a concussion, but you can see and learn how to assess one.

The Game Plan: Sideline Assessment for Suspected Concussion is the second film in our Game Plan series, which was created covers pertinent, complex topics in sports medicine. These free films reach very high standards for production quality, evidence and research, creating a key balance of information and entertainment for sports and medical audiences and the general public.

The films and their modules are available for free download at https://thesportsinstitute.com/the-game-plan/ – visit there to also learn more about the series.

This film is designed only for healthcare providers responsible for the care of athletes in assessments of suspected concussion. The purpose of this film is to provide recommendations for sideline assessment of suspected concussion by medical personnel. This film is intended only as a guide to all members of the sports medicine community, and, as such, is of a general nature, consistent with the reasonable, objective practice of the health care professional. It is not intended to be used as a standard of care. Ultimately, clinical decisions remain at the discretion of the responsible medical professionals, and are dependent on the specific injury scenario and availability of qualified personnel and resources at the time of injury.