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Dr. Stan Herring Helps Lead STEP Concussion and Mild TBI Certificate Program

Stan Herring, senior medical advisor and co-founder of The Sports Institute at UW Medicine, traveled to New Orleans this week for the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation’s new STEP Concussion (Skills, Training, Evaluation and Performance) and Mild TBI Certificate Program. Dr. Herring shared, “concussion education and training are the keystones to safeguarding minds, promoting sports safety, and empowering individuals with the knowledge to protect against and treat head injuries.” Dr. Herring is a co-developer of the training which offers a comprehensive approach to managing concussion and mild TBI through a variety of different learning formats. Training will focus on the epidemiology of concussion along with how to conduct proper in-house or on-field assessment, identify risk factors, and evaluate long-term prognosis of patients suffering from concussion. Learn more about AAPM&R’s STEP Program.