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National Youth Physical Activity Surveillance


Physical activity is essential for children’s health. Research has shown it can boost the immune system, improve mood, and positively impact a child’s ability to learn, remember, pay attention, and reason. Schools play an important role in teaching health and safety principles so children have the knowledge and skills needed to live a healthy and active life. Unfortunately, children continue to face unprecedented challenges with physical activity as a result of COVID-19. The staggered reopening of schools, parks, and playing fields has significantly changed many of the ways youth stay active. In order to support educators and school communities, we need to better understand the landscape of how kids are moving during the school day.


We surveyed K-5 classroom teachers and elementary school administrators across the country to better understand how physical activity is included in their school day. After completing the survey, educators were invited to join our community by signing up to receive helpful resources and information on physical activity, sports and sports safety throughout the year. Contact us if you’d also like to receive resources and information on getting your students moving during the school day.

Where We Are

The National Physical Activity Survey closed on June 11 and survey responses are currently being analyzed. We will share more about our findings later this year.

Please contact Karla Landis with any questions you may have.