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Husky Fellowship


Sports and recreation is one of the fastest growing markets in the United States. While less than two percent of college athletes go on to play their sport professionally, there is a growing demand for leaders who can combine their knowledge and passion for sports and physical activity with the necessary skills and experiences to build healthier, more active communities. And yet, student-athletes are often excluded from foundational professional development opportunities, especially in medicine, due to their busy schedules, insufficient or lack of compensation, or misalignment with the student’s field of interest.


We partnered with the University of Washington Athletic Department to establish The Sports Institute Husky Fellowship, an internship program that offers student-athletes a unique and diverse experience in potential career paths in sports and physical activity.

Husky Fellows select a program-based or field-based learning experience and complete their fellowship with a capstone presentation. Throughout the year, Fellows shadow professionals, including The Sports Institute faculty and partners, working in a range of fields such as health care, community outreach, professional sports, sports administration and business operations. The result is a deeper education and understanding of participation and safety in sports and physical activity, creating an essential bridge between academia, athletics, and career development.

The Result

The Husky Fellowship meets an important need by providing student-athletes with meaningful and diverse experiences that align with their academic and professional goals. However, the demand from students for this fellowship experience far exceeds the number of positions available. With the right support, we will be able to support more Fellows each year and expand the offerings of the program, providing a more robust fellowship experience through an enhanced mentorship network, medical rotations, and introductory coursework in medicine.

If you’d like to learn more about the Husky Fellowship program or how to support this work, reach out today.