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We believe that safe sports, good health decisions, excellent care and informed policy begin with education.
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The Mental Benefits of Physical Movement for Kids

Sports and physical activity provide kids physical benefits that are vital to development: improving cardiorespiratory fitness, muscular strength, and agility, all while setting kids up for healthy relationships with exercise as adults(1). But what about benefits for their mental health?  In the last few years, we have become increasingly aware of the importance of mental health. The COVID-19 pandemic cast a spotlight on issues that were either caused or amplified by isolation and loss of access to our favorite activities. Youth were among the most impacted, as they adjusted to learning virtually while not having sports leagues, parks or recreational facilities(2)....

Physical Activity for Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes

Why is physical activity so important if you have type 2 diabetes? Several studies show consistent PA can reduce the risk of the disease while also decreasing the risk of death and improving insulin resistance. Additionally, it serves as a mood booster, helps with weight loss, increases energy levels, can help with relaxation, and improves the quality of sleep....

The Role of Physical Activity in Managing Diabetes

Approximately 463 million adults are living with diabetes worldwide. By 2045, the number of adults diagnosed with diabetes is projected to be 700 million. In the U.S., 34.1 million adults have diabetes, with type 2 diabetes responsible for 90-95% of these cases. Type 2 diabetes is a serious illness, but it is preventable and can be managed through a combination of a healthy diet with physical activity....