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We’re working on a number of initiatives to expand participation and safety in sports. See what we’re up to.
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The Role of Physical Activity in Managing Diabetes

Approximately 463 million adults are living with diabetes worldwide. By 2045, the number of adults diagnosed with diabetes is projected to be 700 million. In the U.S., 34.1 million adults have diabetes, with type 2 diabetes responsible for 90-95% of these cases. Type 2 diabetes is a serious illness, but it is preventable and can be managed through a combination of a healthy diet with physical activity....

Lincoln students are taking a mile-long break from schoolwork

School can be stressful, and sometimes it is important for students to clear their heads. Lincoln Elementary School is organizing The Daily Mile, a way to get students some exercise. Students do not actually have to run a mile, but they need to keep moving for 15 minutes at whatever pace they are comfortable. It is called The Daily Mile because a student running should be able to run a mile in the time....