The Game Plan

A film series by The Sports Institute at UW Medicine

Education and training are key to best ensure medical personnel are informed on the latest in sport safety. As information evolves, so does the way it should be communicated. At the Sports Institute at UW Medicine, we recognize a need for modern, engaging, digestible and widely accessible training videos so medical personnel can keep athletes safe as they play the sports they love. 

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Protecting every athlete

With the guidance of experts, we created The Game Plan, a film series that covers pertinent, complex topics in sports medicine. These free films reach very high standards for production quality, evidence and research, creating a key balance of information and entertainment for sports and medical audiences and the general public.

In each film, we prioritize accurately depicting the sports landscape through diverse representation of the sports, topics and roles. Sports are for everyone, and this truth greatly influences our approach in these films.

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There are currently two films in the series – The Game Plan: Managing On Field Cervical Spine Injuries, released in June 2020, and The Game Plan: Sideline Assessment for Suspected Concussion, released in June 2022. We’re also reviewing topics for potential coverage in future films.

The science on the screen

The film topics in this series are based upon the greatest needs in sport safety education, and the content for them is inspired by the research and programmatic work of individuals with decades of experience in medicine. Read more about our work in spine injury in sport and stay tuned for more on sideline assessment for suspected concussion.


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