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We’re working on a number of initiatives to expand participation and safety in sports. See what we’re up to.
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Lincoln students are taking a mile-long break from schoolwork

School can be stressful, and sometimes it is important for students to clear their heads. Lincoln Elementary School is organizing The Daily Mile, a way to get students some exercise. Students do not actually have to run a mile, but they need to keep moving for 15 minutes at whatever pace they are comfortable. It is called The Daily Mile because a student running should be able to run a mile in the time....

The Daily Mile Foundation and The Sports Institute at UW Medicine Partner to Launch The Daily Mile in Schools Across the United States

The Daily Mile Foundation and The Sports Institute at UW Medicine announce the launch of The Daily Mile in the United States. The Daily Mile is a free, school program, developed in the United Kingdom, that encourages children to run or jog – at their own pace – for fifteen minutes every day to improve their health, concentration and learning. Nearly 10,000 schools and more than 1.9 million students around the world participate in The Daily Mile, now including schools and students across the United States....

Lift Barriers to Youth Sports and Physical Activity

By Samuel Browd, as originally posted by the Seattle Times Earlier this year, the American College of Sports Medicine ranked Seattle second in the 2019 American Fitness Index of healthiest cities. But, as we learned from this month’s State of Play: Seattle-King County report, our most important residents are being left behind. The Aspen Institute Sports & Society Program and colleagues at the University of Washington Center for Leadership in Athletics assessed the current state of play for youth physical activity in the region and leveled a harsh grade. Less than 20% of youth in King County get the Centers for Disease Control...