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We’re working on a number of initiatives to expand participation and safety in sports. See what we’re up to.
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Gymnast on uneven bars

Impacts of Sleep on Athletic Performance

Athletes require sleep to function at an optimal level, but given the demands of athletic performance, rest and recovery are often jeopardized as athletes attempt to manage the physical demands and time pressures of a busy schedule. In this context, athletes often fail to obtain adequate sleep and become sleep deprived, leading to negative outcomes for athletic performance and overall health....

Physical Activity for Individuals with Type 2 Diabetes

Why is physical activity so important if you have type 2 diabetes? Several studies show consistent PA can reduce the risk of the disease while also decreasing the risk of death and improving insulin resistance. Additionally, it serves as a mood booster, helps with weight loss, increases energy levels, can help with relaxation, and improves the quality of sleep....